Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Chain of Command Blitzkreig Supplement

Well Rich has done it again. Another fantastic supplement that has captured my imagination and is dragging me from one of five unfinished projects. I haven't had the opportunity to rummage through my figures drawers yet and see what I have in figures for this supplement but I am sure I have quite a few.

I really want to round out my French force. I have most of a platoon but just lacked the VB launchers. I had bought some from Peter Pig but I can't remember if I painted them. I had a huge French force in 6mm that I sold off. I have a few bits of armor in 15mm that I need to review. I am pretty sure that there are some FT-17s. For some reason I really like that tank. I just have no idea what is painted.

The supplement offers plenty of options for some really interesting troop types. I may end up buying some more lead to field some North African troops.

For the BEF, I have plenty of figures. I am sure I have close to two platoons worth of Infantry with much of it painted. I have a good bit of armor as well but that is only partially painted. I doubt I will need to do much to field them. What I am lacking is engineering options which is my complaint across the board for 15mm. I can probably modify some late war troops for it if I feel up to it.

My Germans are ready to go. What I would like are some infantry with older weapons. There were reserve and security units that fielded older LMGs up into 1942 for the second battle of Kharkov. It would be neat to have some. Just not sure how different those weapons would look in 15mm.

I do have a sizable Italian force that is ready for the table. I am just lacking in good accounts of any actions fought by them in France. Most are high level and dismissive of that particular side show.

Sadly, I don't think I will look into getting Dutch or Belgian troops. While they are very interesting and in 6mm I used to have some Belgians, I just can't justify the cost of adding in those forces nor spending the time to paint them. I need to get troops on the table from armies I already have.

Hopefully, we will have a Summer Special out soon that will have more support for this wonderful supplement.

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