Tuesday, April 3, 2018


I am attempting to get the finishing touches done on This Land Divided so it can be released this month. Just missed out on an eBay purchase that would have netted me a nice size Sharp Practice Woodlands Indians force that was already painted. Until now, i have been relying on the generosity of Mark for indians for my games. I have an unopened package of Blue Moon woodland Indians that are in the queue but I doubt I will have the time for them.

I think I have successfully made my first section of cane brake. I have to spend a few more minutes on it before I take the final snapshots of the piece. It was a time consuming process as I had a number of false starts. I think going forward, I can cut down on that time.

The test swamp section is more or less untouched. I have the base and the edges of the swamp cut out and glued together. I started to smear my base mixture on it. (Acrylic Caulk, sand & paint). This step is only about 1/4th of the way done. Plenty more to do. As of right now, I am concentrating on rebasing my Rebels. I will need to invest at least a few hours into that to get them in shape. As for my loyalists, I want to rebase them as well. I have some sabot bases that I had made for the small washers that I have the infantry mounted on. I just don't like them and they don't match very well with the rebels.

I am also contemplating a sale on the existing scenario supplements. I will probably do a half off sale again this month.

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