Saturday, February 24, 2018

More Terrain Progress

Having a few moments alone today, I managed to finish up a few more terrain pieces and a couple of miniatures.

First up is some campfires. These are tiny things that I mounted on US Pennies to keep them from getting lost on the table.

Next up are some scatter terrain pieces that will be useful. They are stacked supplies.

While I was working, I rebased a unit of Rebel Militia for the AWI and have them with a sabot base from Warbases in the UK. I really like them.

While working on minis, I found a few that I forgot to base. I finished those off. A physic for Sharp Practice and a Holy Man with a dog. The physic is a Blue Moon mini and the Holy man and Dog are from Peter Pig's ECW line (I think).

I had also finished a man plowing a field. But I have no idea what happened to the picture. While talking about Peter Pig, I had their War Memorial from their scenic line. It has been sitting around for a bit and I slapped some paint on it. I wanted the top part to have brass plaques on it and the ones below to be stone. Not sure if I am happy with it.

I also managed to finish another stand of trees. I tried making these a bit differently from the others that I have done. I like the look of them. Also had a chance to use some new tufts that I picked up this week.

I also started to work on a sample cane break and a sample swamp section. I am basing these on vinyl tile. I am then gluing some foam matting to it and covering it with a mix of caulk, sand and paint. This is sitting there drying at the moment. Nothing exciting yet but I hope to have more pictures as it gets closer to finished. Well that is it for today. Hope to get some more work done this weekend. I found an MDF building from Starfort miniatures that I have been dry fitting together. It is one of their Southern European houses. That may see the light of day at some point too.

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