Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Swamp Fox Supplement for Sharp Practice version 2

Rich has taken my supplement and is busy turning it into a work of art. The original working name was "Murder and Devastation in Every Quarter." That comes from a quote from General Greene as he described the situation in South Carolina when he arrived in Hillsboro, NC to take over command of the Southern Theater. We are changing the name to Swamp Fox as it is focused on Francis Marion's battles and skirmishes.

Rich has shared the edited text with me and it is looking great. In addition, he has been running some playtest games that he has posted on Twitter.

Mark Luther also ran a playtest of the first scenario in the supplement over the past weekend at Gigabytes Cafe in Marietta. As always, his games are beautiful. He has posted some pictures of it here. Stop by and take a look at the game. He really did a good job capturing the look that I was going for with the scenarios.

Things are proceeding quickly and I think the supplement will see the light of day in a few weeks time.