Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Second Battle of Kharkov

I found in my research an interesting potential scenario for Chain of Command. On the first day of the Russian Offensive (May 12th, 1942), the town of Nepokrytaya was the headquarters of Gruppe Winkler. Most of the infantry had abandoned the town due to the approach of Soviet tanks (Actually British Matilda IIs and some Valentines) that their poor quality anti-tank weapons could not damage. What remained in the town were the Regimental Headquarters and two German 1.FH 18 howitzer batteries. These were 10.5cm guns. These directly engaged the approaching tanks and disabled six of them causing the Soviets to break off their attack.

I thought this could make for an interesting encounter. I have been searching the web for appropriate maps of the area. My go to spot does not have maps of the area east of Kharkov. It does have situational maps for each day of the battle though. Here is an excerpt of the May 11th, 1942 map that covers the general area.

You can clearly see the 6 AOK position in Kharkov and the bridgehead at Staryi Saltov.

I did find a new site today. It is a Russian site but it has fantastic maps. It may have what I want in a 1:25000 scale which would be perfect. The problem is, I have to translate them to figure out what I am looking at. I have the general area M 37-062. I just need to find the right subpart.


  1. Interesting scenario, though it might suit IABSM better as it you'd probably want it to be quite a challenge for the soviets to spot the guns in a build up area which would give the guns a chance. I have found some data on the 28th Armies tank units attacking the town (see but oddly none of them have any British tanks, they're all in different armies. Wonder if the name of the towns wrong or something?


  2. Some more maps here if you've not got them already Also see this map which appears to show a paratroop landing in the 28th Armies sector, that might make for an interesting scenario.

  3. And finally might be of use for painting the Matilda's

  4. Thanks Richard. i will be checking those out.