Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Navy Expands

I just received two orders today. The first is from Peter Pig with my initial Pirate horde. I got a selection of one of each from their offerings. One each of the musket/cutlass/pistol packs (24 minis or two groups for SP). Then I picked up the character pack and the leader pack. I also picked up a pack of dead pirates. I love casualty figures. Lastly there is the rowing pirates what will crew my row boats. And I have a bunch of them.

In addition to the pirates, I picked up a pack of their government troops and officers. And since I was ordering and the budget permitted, I picked up the war memorial. All delivered from the UK in a very short period of time.

I also received my order from the Old Glory Shipyards. I had gotten a pack of row boats and a pack of sailed row boats. I have to say I am slightly disappointed in the row boat pack. There are no benches at all? Where is the crew supposed to sit to row the darn things. These will take some work to be usable. There are two different types of boat in that pack. The sailed ones on the other hand are perfect. I should have grabbed two packs of these instead of one of each. The benches are there. Masts are included. All four boats are identical. Very happy with that part of my purchase.

Sea Dog Studios has launched a new product, a buccaneer sloop. It is a 3d Printed model that is availible in three scales (6mm, 15mm and 28mm). I have ordered the 6mm and 15mm versions. The 6mm comes with the cannons as part of the model. The 15mm one comes with the option of separate cannons or as part of the model (I chose the as part of the model option). The giant sized one has separate cannons.

Once that is received, my 15mm Navy will be as follows:
26 gun Frigate - Unknown manufacture. Mostly complete and painted. Rigging is in place. No sails. Needs some repair.
6 gun Buccaneer Sloop - Sea Dog Studios - Awaiting delivery.
1 gun Tripoli Gunboat - Sea Dog Studios - In need of paint.
1 gun Ship's Pinnace - Sea Dog Studios - In need of paint.
Ship's Long Boat - Sea Dog Studios - In need of paint.
Ship's Long Boat (x8) - Old Glory Miniatures - In need of paint.
Ship's Dingy (x2) - Sea Dog Studios - In need of paint.

This gives me plenty of options to conduct a cutting out party or a landing action which are the scenarios that I have in mind.

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