Monday, December 12, 2016

Messing With the Cold War Again

Since I cannot keep myself focused on any one topic, I have jumped back to the Cold War. I started looking through my collection to figure out what I needed for support options.

At this point I have a near complete platoon of British troops. I need some FV432s to round them out.

My US troops are a full platoon (circa early 1980s) with M113s. One needs some camo but the rest is complete. I need some armor for supports. I really want some form of M60 as the armor rather than an M1 Abrams.

The Soviets are a platoon of Motor Infantry with BMP-1s. I have one T-55 but it is painted as a Syrian vehicle. I really need some T-72s or T-55s to go along with them. There are some infantry that need some paint to round out the platoon. But other than that, they are complete.

I also reprinted my playtest copy of Cold War gone Hot (Chain of Command for the Cold War) and started to reread them. Hopefully, I can get some down time and paint or play a game here in the near future. Really should paint terrain......


  1. So we're does one get a copy of these rules?

    I also like the T54/55s. A cool looking vehicle.

    1. There is a Yahoo group for the playtest rules. Reach out to Richard Morrill on the Lardy groups. He is in charge of it. He has done good work.