Thursday, September 15, 2016

Reinforcements and Ramblings

Recently, I have had a couple of friends who recently lost a parent. I was thinking of my own father as I checked the mail. As I fetched the mail I saw that my recent expedition of retail therapy had arrived. As I looked at the return address it reminded me of my Dad. He used to tell this old joke based on an old song.

"One day, Roy Rogers rode into town to pick up some new boots that Dale Evans had purchased for him. He picked up the new red boots and rode back to the ranch. On the way to the ranch, he was attacked by a wildcat that tore the new boots to shreds. Taking out his pistol, Roy killed the wildcat and put it on the back of his horse Trigger with the now ruined boots. At he reached the ranch, Dale Evans came out and immediately burst into song, 'Pardon me Roy, is that the cat that chewed your new shoes?'"

Dad loved jokes like that. It's been long enough now that these memories are treasured and sweet rather than painful. This was all driven by the return address of my Rebel Minis was listed at Chattanooga. Thus this long ramble.

Anyway, I picked up a few packs of Rebel minis Roman Auxillia. They look great. They come with separate shields. Some are standing while others are attacking. There were Four total poses. In the first pack, there were 17 of the attacking pose and one each of the other poses. The second pack had better variety. Nine of the standing pose, two with sword raised but still heavily weighted to the attacking pose. This should provide me with plenty of miniatures to round out my Roman force for the time being. I also picked up a mounted officer to go with them.

The second package was three Game Craft card buildings.


  1. My father used to like the old joke.... "I knew a man who was killed by a weasel! He was walking along the railway track and just did not hear the weasel!"

    makes you wonder what people will remember about us when we are gone.

    1. For me it will be my wife finding another box of unpainted miniatures

    2. Clint - Does indeed make you think about what folks will think about when we are gone.

      Jon - I think that is a common occurrence for families of wargamers.