Friday, June 17, 2016

Research for my New SP AWI Campaign

So far I am keeping the working title of "Murder and Devastation in Every Quarter" as it seems fitting for the guerrilla campaign waged in late 1780. I have three of 12 scenarios complete and a framework for the others done. I have really enjoyed working on this one. At the end of it, I created a mini-campaign for Georgetown, South Carolina. It was a target Francis Marion had in mind throughout the period but never managed to take and hold.

One of the side effects of working on these scenarios is that it is making me revisit my previous scenario books "This Land Divided" and "With Fire and Sword." The next project will be to bring those up to Sharp Practice 2.0 standards. They are actually quite usable as they are with just minor tweaking. There are some timed events that have to be rethought through, but other than that, they are usable still.

The other side effect was I now have a project for NaNoWriMo. I am doing a novel about Captain John McClure of the Turkey Creek Regiment in 1780. Should be interesting.

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