Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas - Project for the new year

Merry Christmas everyone. I hopy you have a marvelous day.

It's been a quiet year here but things are starting to look up. I have my project for January well underway. I am looking at doing a Chain of Command campaign for the Battle of Kharkov in 1941. In the research for it, I discovered a clever little improvised vehicle that the Soviets fielded - the KhTZ-16. Basically an armored tractor with a 45mm anti-tank gun mounted on it. There were pictures of it littering the internet and a little data about it but not much to go on. It was basically a vehicle that no one made in 15mm.

Enter Gaming Models. Sending Craig an e-mail with some pictures and why I would like one, he got excited about the project and started work on them. I just got a mail this week with the initial snaps of what he had done. I am very happy.

I am getting five of these from him. More than I really need but who cares. These are cool. They were used in the approaches to Kharkov and in the streets of the city. Given that most were captured or destroyed, they were not that great of a vehicle. Still, I like it. As I get to the playtesting of the scenarios, I can't wait to have these in my clutches.

I am so impressed with how Gaming Models jumped behind what is probably a marginal vehicle for him. Awesome service and he makes nice toys.

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