Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Vikings Have Landed

A lovely brown box arrived at my desk this afternoon. Opening it up revealed the Essex Viking Crew and the Viking ship that I had ordered.

The ship is tiny. It comes in at under 4 inches long. It is very wide as well. It makes it much more useful as a merchant ship than a warship. It is well built. The detail is very nicely done. It is ready to build with the sail lowered. The ship does not come with the tiller. The tiller comes with the separate crew pack. It has the oars. The rowers in the crew pack are made to place the hands of the rowers on top of the oars where the pierce the side of the hull. The ship does come with a set of shields to mount on the side of the ship. I think I may not use them though.

This could make for an interesting piece to have on a table. I could use it as objective for a Romano-British raid.


  1. I really like the look of those models. I might buy them to paint up just for something to do.

    1. With the dragon head and stern post in place it looks slightly odd. They are VERY tall. I just finished gluing the whole mess together. I like it but it does have a slightly odd look.

    2. Is this the boat you purchased
      or do you have the Dark Age Leaders Boat?[BOAT 2]

      I've just looked for comparison shots of the peter pig viking boats
      and I think the Essex models are the better of the two.

    3. Yes, that is the one. The Peter Pig one is more than double the size. I have the Peter Pig one with the Sail up. I don't like it as it looks very bare. I want one of the rowed ones. But that has to wait. I found a guy with a blog what was making some that look larger. But I can't seem to contact him. Anyway, it is probably for the best since I am not really sure what I will do with them. :)

    4. I quite like the Peter Pig vikings range (excepting the ships) and as I've got a copy of the Dux Bellorum rules I may have a look at what I could do - but, then there's all the other projects I've started, so it'll probably never happen.