Tuesday, April 9, 2013

East Front Terrain

I just received a wonderful box on my front door this morning. It contained 4 east front houses and a barn that I purchased off of Ebay. These were intended to match some previous buildings that I had purchased from the same seller. The seller does not sell them on Ebay painted any longer, but a quick e-mail exchange and he was willing to have them painted for £2.00 each. Waiting on Royal Mail and USPS the package arrived today.

First, lets look at what I had already bought.

They are based and have removable roofs that you can place miniatures within. I really liked these and have used them in my Dux games as well as stand ins for Dark Age buildings.

Next is the barn. I really like the barn and it actually is nicer than the picture on Ebay. It has a small shed to the rear and both the shed and the barn have removable roofs. It also has removable doors as do the earlier houses. The doors in this and the other two houses have trouble staying in place. If jostled during game play then tend to fall down. This worked well during a game of Dux when some Saxons were raiding said building. Otherwise it is a pain to reset. This is the only negative to these buildings.

The other 4 buildings are nice but not as nice as the first two. They do not have removable roofs or doors. They are not based as the others. I will probably have to make one to keep them the same height on the table. Still, for the price, it was well worth it.

All in all, this is a great leap forward for me in getting some of my scenarios done for my CSIR campaign. If I can ever gather the courage, I will paint up the remaining ruins that I have to have urban terrain as well. Who knows, that might actually happen.

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