Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Casualty figures

I have really liked the look of casualty figures in my skirmish games. Especially in "Sharp Practice", "Mud and Blood" and "Troops, Weapons and Tactics." It also helps track the flow of the action in the game.

My problem is finding fitting casualty figures for various ranges that I am using. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to create a casualty figure?


  1. If no actual casualty figures are available, I think you're left with cutting and converting.


  2. I did see an idea on a blog a couple of days ago. What the person had done is took a photo from a manufactures website of a painted casualty figure and stuck it on a base. It looked quite effective, but was obviously flat. A hell of a lot more cheaper than buying and painting the figures up though.

  3. I think I saw that one too. Interesting idea and definitely a time/money saver. However it does lack a little something.

    I am interested in possible cutting and converting some of my Romano Brits. I have not found any suitable casualty figures in 15mm. The Viking and Pict casualty figures from Sgt Major Miniatures do show some promise though.

    I will probably pick these up at some point. They are not too badly priced either.

    1. Chris, look at this:

      I would use pieces of equipment for markers too.

    2. Fantastic. Not sure how I missed this. I was just on Donnington's site yesterday. I will be sending them some money soon.