Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Keep Moving Forward....

Well, before I loose another week with no posts, I decided to take stock of where I am with my various projects.

Dark Ages
I need to finish painting the 18 spear men to wrap up my Britons. Once that is done, I have to prime and paint the leaders for my Romano-British Force. Next comes the varnishing, Dull coat and basing. I potentially could have these down within a week or two. Yet they still languish on the painting table. On the positive side, the Saxons are all done. Cavalry for all sides is on hold until I complete the infantry forces.

East Front Mud & Blood
The supplement has been getting some attention. It has grown to 15 scenarios. Four are about Maria Bochkareva including the Women's Battalion of Death. I also am writing one on the death of Prince Oleg Konstantinovich Romanov. The only Romanov who died in combat rather than through revolution.

My painting, however, languishes. I only have the first 8 figures painted. I have another 8 infantry mounted on painting sticks and as of yet, unprimed. I also have three Maxim MMG teams on a painting stick waiting their turn. The Romano-Britons are in queue ahead of them.

IABSM3: Italians on the East Front
Here the writing is stalled out completely. I have four scenarios in various states of completion and have lost the energy on this one. Then again, it has been in various states of progress now for four years so that should be no shock. Eventually, I want this to be 18 scenarios in length.

The painting for this in much better shape. I have a full company of East Front Italians ready to go and more than a company of Soviets. I have a few odds and ends left to do but I have more than enough to get a game underway.

TW&T: '82 Lebanon
This project is in its infancy. The first scenario is mostly done. I have figures painted with just a little bit of base work left to do. This one has captured my interest lately. After finishing Rock the Casbah a while back, I burned out on the period for a time. With Brian wanting to do a modern Afghanistan campaign, it has perked my interest up on this again. Now I want to get some Merkava Is from QRF. Must resist.

My opposing force is ready to go as well. The Syrians are in pretty good shape with just a little basing work needed. The PLO are about the same.

This Blog
Well, who would have thunk it. I actually have 50 folks signed up who follow this. WOW! Thanks everyone. That made my day to notice that this morning. To #50 - Sergey, thanks. Noticing your blogs, do you happen to have any information on the CSIR in Russia in 1941 or any references on small unit actions in WWI that you could share?

Well, that is it for now. Back to work.


  1. I didn't realize that a Romanov actually served in combat, let alone was killed. Interesting. I have always been interested in the Russian Revolution and Civil War so this is one period I could see myself doing.
    Congrats on the blog. It's always encouraging to see more followers and so feel that we are not just talking to ourselves.

  2. It has been rather interesting to look up old Prince Oleg. One place claimed that he was the only Royal among all participants to die in combat or of combat related wounds in the First World War. Three of his brothers were shot by the bolsheviks. His father died shortly after he did. Interesting story all around.