Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rigging is Complete! The scenario is coming together.

Well a few hours of work and the rigging is complete. The wire has received a coat of black paint and looks the part. The mesh stays do not look as bad as I had feared they would. I wish I could have gotten them tighter but that just was not going to happen.
I started cutting sails from the cloth provided. I was starting with the fore mast sails when I realized that the look I was going for would require me to gather the sail in to represent them furled. The cloth was very heavy and just did not look right nor would it take the right shape. I think I need to get an old handkerchief and use that for the sail material. I checked around the internet to see what other manufacturers are doing for sails. Sail Power and Old Glory do not seem to use them. Thoroughbred Miniatures uses paper. I think I will try the handkerchief.
This view shows the difference in the sizes between the thread and the wire for the rigging. I took one more shot but it was blurry, so I will put it at the bottom.
Now, what on earth am I going to use this for? Well, the scenario is coming together quite nicely and will be the fourth installment of Captain Beesley and the Light Company - my Platoon Forward campaign. Stay tuned. This is getting close to being done.


  1. It looks really nice!Great job on the rigging!


  2. Very nice and I look forward to seeing your progress with the sails.