Friday, May 27, 2011

Mud & Blood: Austro-Hungarians

One of the fun parts about working on rules, scenarios and supplements is the research. By far learning things that you did not know before and trying to see through the eyes of men now long dead has always fascinated me.

While working on a supplement for Mud & Blood on the Austro-Hungarians I found a great site - This has proved to be an interesting site with some rather nice biographies, descriptions of troops and it hosts an excellent forum with knowledgeable folks.

This site served as a starting point for most of my research on the Hapsburg Empire in the Great War. It gave me enough to go on to know where to look deeper. It is also the source for many of the scenarios that I am working on.

One in particular is their biography of Emil Poppr. He has to be the Audie Murphy of the Hapsburg Empire. In his first six months during the war alone he won the bronze and silver bravery medals in both classes and the gold bravery medal. A huge big man on the battlefield.

If you have not discovered this site yet, give it a look.

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