Monday, April 4, 2011

Mark's AWI Game - Savannah 1779

Mark ran a wonderful game of Sharp Practice last Saturday (4/2/2011). I will be deliberately vague in describing the overall game as Mark may wish to publish this or submit it for the scenario contest at some point.

I was given a command of a single group of 71st Highlanders tasked with creating an outpost on the farm at the top of a hill.

It was a beautiful game that was well executed. It was a four player game where everyone started out on "unknown" blinds. I started with a series of poor movement rolls and advanced less than a whole foot of distance.

I was able to spot some French troops at the top of the hill who in turn spotted me. At least four groups of French troops, including grenadiers began to move towards my single group of Highlanders.

The highlanders lost two men as they exchanged fire with the advancing French but they gave better than they received. Using a Thin Red Line card, they gave a wonderful volley into the French and charged... and failed to reach the enemy. However, this gave the French a great shot at charging me. They did and rolled three kills and a shock. This is where magic occurred as I rolled five kills and two shock. This broke the French unit and caused them to flee.

A follow up unit arrived and fired a volley into the Highlanders killing their Lieutenant. This was the first Big Man casualty of the game. Not only was the Big Man hit, he also was killed right off. The Highlanders were Big Man heavy for a single group. The Sergeant ordered the Highlanders to fall back. Once again my movement rolls were terrible and they only fell back 3". At this point, I was forced to leave the game. Since my troops were falling back and the French had pressure elsewhere, I was fairly confident that the French would let the Highlanders scamper off with no more attention.

Mark informed me that this was not the case. The French continued to harass the Highlanders and killed the sergeant and broke the unit. Oh well.

All in all, a great game that was considerable fun. Thanks Mark.

Here is the link to Mark's pictures of the game. I added some comments where my command was involved.

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  1. Chris,
    Glad you enjoyed the game. I thought it would be a neat way to get a variety of units mixing it up with some nice conflicting and realistic goals. Unfortunately Dan's blinds didn't move for 4 turns so your HL got an undue amount of attention.
    It will be interesting to see some other SP scenarios. As usual no noise from the TFL group.