Monday, July 19, 2010

Update on With Fire and Sword

Rich has the final draft and has done some amazing work editing and formatting my scribbles. The maps look great and he has restrained my megalomaniac scenario for the Second Battle of Hanging Rock. My original scenario was huge with over 23 Big men for the Rebels/Patriots alone. Now he has rearranged it to five linked scenarios that cover the ebb and flow of the battle quite nicely without needing a lead mountain of militia miniatures - not that there is anything wrong with that....

A big thanks to AD over at who spotted some errors in the original drafts and made some great suggestions to improve the accuracy of the overall work. Now to get back to some painting.


  1. Chris just now looking at the official pdf and it is really great. We definietly need to play a game or three.


  2. Agreed. There are some really nice small scenarios in there that can be done.