Sunday, June 13, 2010

Peter Pig AWI Miniatures

Just received some Peter Pig miniatures in the mail. I ordered one of the British Dragoon command packs and 3 of the British Dragoon packs. I also ordered one of the British Light Infantry packs, four of the militia packs, one of the Gun crew packs, a pack of the waving ladies and a pack of disordered markers. I really like these miniatures. I believe that they will jump to the front of my painting queue.

I also managed to get some painting in this weekend. Painted 10 British Light Infantry as New York volunteers (Lancashire Miniatures British Light Infantry Marching pose) - Red Coats, Buff facings and white pants. Also managed to paint a mounted British colonel (Friecorps).

I have another 25 or so Light Infantry figures from Old Glory to paint up. I think I will paint them as Delancey's Brigade - Red Coats, blue facings. I also have some Lancashire Southern Loyalist militia to paint up. I might combine these with the Peter Pig miniatures to create a large unit of Loyalist militia if they look compatible with one another.

Once these are done, I have 8 more mounted militia and some other assorted figures. I still need some grasshopper guns for both the British and Rebel militia. At some point I also want some Catawba Indians. But those can wait for the time being.

From the picture on the Peter Pig site, I am trying to determine if the Battalion guns will work as Grasshopper guns.

I have finished the first 16 scenarios of "With Fire and Sword". Just six more to go, then I will be submitting it to Rich for publication. Some of the scenarios are quite large. Others are a much more modest size.


  1. The Peter Pig line looks great. I hope you'll share pictures of your latest work.

  2. I will start posting more pictures shortly. I just finished painting the Lancashire miniatures that I received last year. The Peter Pig Ones are next up on the painting table. I am just a very slow painter.